SUMMER INTENSIVE - July 9th through August 16th

The Summer Dance Intensive is intended for students who are at least 13 years old, who have trained for at least two years on pointe, and who have reached a point in their training where rigorous, demanding class-work is deemed appropriate. At the Intensive, each day will begin with a 2-hour ballet class, followed by an hour of either pointe or variations. Once a week, students will be offered a Jazz or Yoga Class. After studying at the Intensive, students may be offered additional performance opportunities with BDC.


At BDC, classes are quite small, and each student is given a great deal of personal attention in a caring and nurturing environment. The classes are demanding, however, and faculties treat each student as an aspiring professional dancer. Students have benefited greatly from the intense nature of the summer program. Through the quality of BDC’s instruction, students have improved immensely in a relatively short time. Click here for registration and more details. Summer Intensive